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Origin: Naturally-occuring in the body but can be sourced from supplements and food such as spinach, broccoli, yams, potatoes, yeast, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, rice bran, and organ meat.

Also Known As: 

Alpha Lipolic Acid

Thioctic acid

6,8-Dithiooctanoic acid

Overview: R-ALA is a vitamin like chemical called an antioxidant. Alpha Lipoic Acid is used for diabetes and nerve related symptoms of diabetes. This compound seems to help prevent certain kinds of cell damage within the body and also restores vitamin levels such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. It  is also used to break down carbohydrates and to make energy for the other organs within the body.

Common Dosage: The recommended dosage for Alpha Lipoic Acid is 100mg to 400mg daily.


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