Private Labeling offers you the ability to sell high quality supplements with YOUR BRAND and YOUR OWN CUSTOM FORMULAS without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars in inventory to get started.

We have plenty of product types to choose from, Some of the top sellers are:

Sports Nutrition

  • Pre Workout
  • Fat Burners
  • Proteins
  • Intra Workout
  • Post Workout
  • Recovery

Weight Loss

  • Keto or Ketosis Formulas
  • Detox
  • Meal Replacements
  • Colon Cleanse
  • Fat Burners

Health and Wellness

  • Fruits and Greens
  • Sleep – Rest
  • Brain Support
  • Joint Support

Our simple process makes it easy for you to get started:

  1. Choose Your formula.
  2. Design your logo and labels.
  3. Place your order.

Our staff is here for you. We will work WITH you through the entire process without any high pressure sales tactic. Our desire is for you to be successful and that your products are exactly what you want them to be.

Some of the things you can expect from us are:

  • Product Selection
  • Product Suggestions
  • Logo Design
  • Label Design
  • Label Compliance
  • Guaranteed Label Ingredient Accuracy

Custom Logo and Label Design Services

Creative Department:
Nutracap Labs has a team of creative design specialists that have been in the field for more than 15 years of experience. Our expertise spans more than just in creating compelling designs; we also specialize in end-to-end project management to ensure that the designs we create achieve your desired outcomes. We work with you to evolve your ideas from concept to finished project.

Description of Work:
Nutracap Labs will create the label identity for the client and will also create the brand identity (Logo) if requested as a separate charge from the label pricing.

Revisions or alterations to the scope of work or schedule may obligate you to additional fees. These may include copy or layout changes made after your initial approvals. Extensive alterations, such as a change in marketing objectives or project goals, shall be considered new work and will require that this agreement be amended with a change order to reflect the revised scope of work.

Project Pricing:
Choose the tier that best suits your project:

TIER 1 (BRONZE) $350

  • 1 design, More of a clean basic look (pharmaceutical, vector look).
  • 2 revisions, Once the design is approved the customer will have 2 times to revise the label before it will incur a $50 per revision fee.


(Click on Image to Enlarge)

TIER 2 (SILVER) $450

  • 1 design
  • 4 revisions
  • 1 view bottle mockup-included (front)


(Click on Image to Enlarge)

TIER 3 (GOLD) $550

  • 1 dynamic design (more in-depth background, text rendering)
  • 6 -10 revisions
  • 3 view bottle mock-up included (front, left, right)


(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Logo Design Service:
We also give you options on basic logo design or brand identity and mascot design services.

Basic logo design is $300 2-3 looks a text based logo design and simple icon structure, fully vectored and finalized for all application.

Beginner Brand identity $450 We dive a bit deeper into the theme and create an icon based logo that not only looks dynamic but can be a stand-alone logo/symbol of the brand along with the text portion of the logo.

Full Brand identity $550 We conceptualize between market analysis and major brands in the industry and help determine a target range for the brand. We will provide you with several concepts and color combinations to really help the new brand pop. Additionally, we create a custom icon and symbol for the logo and once finished we will provide you with all proper files and color separations for future marketing material.

Mascot Design Services:
Nutracap Labs can provide you with a unique way to bring your brand to life. We design, draw and fully render custom characters for your brand awareness (think the geico gecko, sports team’s logos etc.)

Mascot design starts at $700 and you will own the rights to the character but the prices can go up depending on the detail within the character.

Ownership and Usage Rights:
Upon receipt of full payment, the CLIENT is hereby granted exclusive and unlimited usage and reproduction rights to the final designs prepared for the CLIENT as part of this project. Nutracap reserves the right to reproduce any and all designs created in print and electronic media for Nutracap’s promotional purposes.

CLIENT has responsibility to proofread and review all work produced during the project. As a result, the client is fully responsible for any errors in spelling, typography, illustrative layout, photography or other errors discovered after printing or reproduction or for any work performed by third-parties selected by the CLIENT.

In the event CLIENT cancels this agreement prior to completion, within five (5) business days of such cancellation, CLIENT shall pay CONTRACTOR for: (1) all work performed up to the date of termination; (2) all outside expenses and commitments that have been incurred and cannot be cancelled; and, (3) a cancellation fee equal to 15% of the remaining fees that would otherwise have been paid if the project would have been completed.

Design Process:

  1. Send us three or four designs that you like so we get an idea of what you are looking for. Look around for brands that represent the style that you like.
    For example hardcore, clinical, cartoonish, etc. The more information that you give in regard to the concept, the better we can interpret your brand vision.
  2. We will provide a couple of “mock up” designs for you to pick from and designate the changes that need to be made. Our designers are professionals, most times they get it on the first round.
    We can work within our standard pricing structure, assuming that you are not extremely picky and request an above normal number of revisions.
    Our goal is to give you a great design at a reasonable cost.
  3. When the design is finalized we will format the label with the FDA statements and supplement facts panel. The designer get is “print ready” for you to send to your printer or you are welcome to use our printer.
  4. Printing is charged separately based on volume. We can usually get better printing deals for you based on the relationships we have in place.
  5. If you choose to immediately or eventually create sample packets, our printer can convert your labels for you to make it easy.

Custom Samples

Get Custom Samples of Your Product:

NutraCap Labs offers the fastest custom sample turnaround time in the industry, averaging 10 days from start to shipping. This service is offered for you to be able to get your custom formula in small quantities for testing, proof of concept, flavor choice, etc.

Our trained experts will also assist you with perfecting your formula at no additional cost.

The Custom Sample Process:

  1. The first step in the sampling process is to submit your formula so that we can review it. We will work with you to finalize the best ingredient list, amount of each ingredient per serving as well as what form the sample serve you best (i.e. flavored or unflavored powder, capsules, etc.)
  2. When the full formula is finalized, we will create a quote for you. We offer 3 full size custom flavored bottles for $795 and 300 custom capsule sample for $300. Powders can usually be split up among a few different flavors. This will give you a variety of options to try. We cannot know how many until we have worked through the details listed in the first step of this process.
  3. AFTER we have agreed on the formulas and quantity, we require a deposit to produce your product. All we need is your name or company name and billing details to add you to our system. Sample invoices are normally paid for with credit cards. When payment is submitted, we will give you our best ETA on when your samples will be shipped. Typically, if we have all of your formula ingredients in stock, we ship within 10 business days or less. Tracking numbers are supplied after shipment.
  4. When you receive and try your samples we will get in touch to see what the next step is. If you’re satisfied, then we can move forward into putting your final product in production. If the flavor needs to be adjusted, we will make the change and send you another sample. If you would like a third revision to the flavor there will be an additional charge to cover labor, ingredient costs and shipping.

*There are no revisions to formula changes, only flavor adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Creating Private Label Supplements

Q. How long will it take for my product to be completed once I place my order?

A. Due to current global supply chain issues our current lead times vary..

When we have your product labels and all of the ingredients for your formula at our facility we will process your order as fast as possible.

Q. What is the process of creating a private label product?

A. This depends on whether you would like to use one of our existing product formulas or create your own custom formula.

If using an existing product. You will simply choose product, container type (bottle, tub, etc.) and supply or have us design your labels.

If creating a custom formula, first there is formulation. We can assist you with that or you can provide your formula already intact. From that point we will make suggestions on how to best flavor, package, etc.

We have an in-house graphics team that can take you through the label design process and bring your concept to life. If you have your own designer, we work with you to make sure they have everything they need to get the labels done and over to the printer of your choice.

We have a local printer that does a great job. Once that is completed and the labels are on the way we obtain a deposit and schedule the job.

Q. What type of packaging does NutraCap Labs offer?

A. We have a variety of packaging options available. All different size bottles and jugs for powders with a vast array of colors for lids and all sizes of scoops.

Q. Can I take a facility tour?

A. Absolutely. Facility tours are always available by appointment.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. We are a full service manufacturer that offers encapsulation, powders (flavored and unflavored) and sample packet product. We also have an in-house design and graphics team and a very close relationship with a professional and efficient local printing company.

Q. Do you have minimum quantity orders or MOQ's?

A. Yes. Our minimum quantity order for a custom formula is 288. We offer low minimums for you to minimize the investment required and allow you time develop an entire line. This is much more cost effective than having to order 1,000 unit minimums when you’re trying to initially get a brand off of the ground.

Q. Are we a broker or a true manufacturing plant?

A. We are the source. Everything we offer is created at own facility. You will deal with no middleman.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes we are insured and offer the ability to become additionally insured for those we produce products for. You hedge your bets that way and cover all of the bases.

Please give us a call (800) 688-5956 or fill out the Get a Quote form to start the process. One of our friendly team members will explain everything to you and help you every step along the way.