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Origin: Synthesized by the body from arginine during the Krebs cycle or can be sourced from supplements and food such as

Also Known As:


(+)-(S)-2,5-Diaminovaleric acid

(+)-(S)-2,5-Diaminopentanoic acid

Overview: L-Ornithine is a free form amino acid made in the body from the amino acid arginine during the production of urea or the Krebs cycle. Ornithine, with arginine, has been shown to promote muscle growth by stimulating growth-promoting hormones like Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and insulin. Ornithine has been shown to promote healthy cardiovascular function, naturally raise nitric oxide levels, regulate blood pressure, stimulate immune function, assist with detoxifying the liver, and riding excess ammonia from the body.

Common Dosage: 200o to 6000 mg per day

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