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Acai Berry Juice Powder

Acai Berry Juice Powder

Origin: Acai Palm, Euterpe oleracea

Also known as: Acai

Overview: The fruit of the Acai Palm, native to moist climates below the equator such and Brazil. Deep, dark purple in color, round and small, the berries resemble smaller grapes and have similar appearance to blueberries, with a flavor that most equate to a rich blackberry with a hint of dark chocolate.

Gaining notoriety in the mid to late 2000’s, Acai supplements were purported to cause drastic weight loss, increase energy and provide a terrific source of anti-oxidants. Research has indicated otherwise, with analysis of the berries polyphenol and antioxidant content showing to be less than extraordinary.

One constituent within the Acai Berry that is of interest is C3G, or Cyanin-3-Glucoside, which shows promise as an anti-obesity tool among many other potential uses, however the amount of Acai Berry that would need to be consumed to provide ample doses of C3G are not realistic.

Common Dosage: 500mg-3g

Research Rating (out of 10*): 0*


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