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What Is Carb 10?


You may be familiar with many of the popular sources for carbohydrates used post workout or intra workout such as high branched cyclic dextrin, maltodextrin, oat starch powder, waxy maize starch, and dextrose. However a new form of carbohydrate breaking on to the scene that is fast acting and very easy to digest through the gut. While all of these carbohydrates do a great job of shuttling nutrients into the muscle cells and replenish glycogen stores the one side effect they do have is a massive spike in insulin. This is where carb 10 comes in. Carb 10 offers all of the great properties of the other carbohydrates such as shuttling nutrients and replenishing glycogen stores however there is no insulin spike.

Over the years the thought that you need to spike insulin to shuttle nutrients into the muscle cells during or post workout some research shows that this may not be the case after all. Two different studies examined the impact of using fast acting carbs during the post workout window (Anabolic Window) and both of them showed that it did not lead to increased protein synthesis or prevent muscle breakdown as some may have thought. When using a fast digesting carb source as your pre workout or intra workout fuel to assist with power during the workout a massive insulin spikes comes with that which can potentially leave some people feeling lethargic or give you an energy crash later on after the workout.

Carb 10 uses legume based startch that is derived from peas for its source of fast acting carbohydrates. While it is much like highly branched cyclic dextrin in the fact that both of them have low osmolality that helps speed up gastric emptying which helps prevent carbs from sitting around in your stomach which gives you that bloated feeling or a slower heavier feeling than you normally have. Carb 10 ensures that carbohydrate pass through your stomach and on to your intestines where they are then absorbed and shuttled into your muscles where they are needed to fuel. However while the two have many similarities the most glaring difference is that carb 10 does not cause a spike in insulin. When compared with other mainline sources of carbohydrates carb 10 had a 27 percent lower blood glucose response along with a 82 percent lower insulin response (insulin spike). Carb 10 is showing that it will give you the strength to push heavier weights, quicker recovery, and fuller muscles without the insulin spike.

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