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Wakame Extract (20% Fucoxanthin)

Wakame Extract (20% Fucoxanthin)

Origin: Sourced from brown seaweed such as wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) and hijiki (Hijikia fusiformis).

Also Known As: 

Seaweed Extract

Undaria Pinnatifida



Overview: Fucoxanthin is a xanthophyll and is found as an accessory pigment in the chloroplasts of brown algae and most other heterokonts, giving them a brown or olive-green color.

It is touted for its ability to aid weight loss by stimulating the body’s ability to burn and to reduce fat mass. It is also used to treat several other health issues including diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

Suggested Uses:

  • Supporting weight loss
  • Decreasing depression symptoms
  • Combating parasites that cause malaria
  • Protecting the skin against sunburn
  • Reducing cognitive impairments
  • REducing inflammation
  • Reducing insulin resistance
  • Decreasing total cholesterol
  • Protecting against oxidative stress
  • Blocking cancer cells
  • COmbatting bone disease
  • Reducing risk factors related to heart diseases including inflammation, cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes.

Common Dosage: 2.4 to 8 mg per day


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