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Vitamin K1 and its many Health Benefits.


Vitamin K1 is one of the many K vitamins, also called naphthiquinones that are present in many natural foods. These particular vitamins have many specific health effects that nutritionists and other scientists look at to help provide more information on how dietary supplements can keep people healthy. Vitamin K1 and a similar vitamin K2 are most prominently used as coagulants. In fact, the term “vitamin K” comes from the German and Scandinavian spelling of the word coagulant. As natural coagulants, vitamin K1 and similar nutrients can help to prevent excessive bleeding, as in when blood thinners or Coumadin’s cause improper clotting within the veins in the human body. It is also shown that Vitamin K1 can be a good vitamin used in preventing heart attacks. By ingesting Vitamin K1 it helps to keep veins clear and can give some aid to heart health as well.

A range of other K vitamins called K3, K4 and K5 are found to be used mainly in animal food. In addition to being used as a natural coagulant, vitamin K1 has some other specific benefits that the medical community is looking into, as doctors use this nutritional element in different ways to manage the health of many patients that are seen on a regular base. Vitamin K1 can be used on the skin to limit the effects of bruising for skin treatment. When Vitamin K1 is applied topically the application helps to quicken the fading of bruises according to many dermatologists in the health and skin field. Many doctors also claim that vitamin K can be helpful in decreasing dark circles around the eyes which is a known condition that affects a lot of Americans and causes a lot of consumers to look into possible dermatology solutions.

One other primary use of vitamin K1 is in a pediatric or neonatal facility. U.S. doctors have recommended that all newborns receive an injection of vitamin K to help with clotting, because newborns tend to have a deficiency of this element and may experience excessive bleeding. Premature infants need to be watched for these kinds of deficiencies and other health issues. Vitamin K1 is also used to treat prothrombin deficiencies caused by external factors like a blood thinner. In addition to the above uses of vitamin K1, researchers are looking at how this dietary element may help with bone density. Doctors in Japan are looking at how vitamin K1 may help in preventing some kinds of cancers. One could see how beneficial Vitamin K1 is when used for sports supplementation. By incorporating Vitamin K1 into sports supplementation we see that this can maximize blood flow by keeping veins open to where blood can actually flow properly. By doing this it keeps circulation going throughout the human body and for bodybuilders it may increase what is referred to as “pump” or getting as much blood into the muscle as possible.

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