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The Scoop on Maltodextrin


Maltodextrins are easily digestible carbohydrates made from natural corn starch. The starch is cooked, and then acid as well as enzymes are used to break the starch into smaller polymers so that the body can more easily digest the carbohydrate during the digestive process.

Maltodextrins are not made from or contain malt products. Maltodextrins are polymers of dextrose which could be labeled as glucose polymers on any food, nutrition, or supplement label. Maltodextrins do not contain significant quantities of protein, fat or fiber.

There are also other maltodextrins such as corn-based maltodextrins that are safer for patients or people with diseases since they do not contain proteins from wheat, barley, oats or rye. However, they may cause reactions in people who have allergies to corn substances. Since much corn is either gm corn or gm contaminated maltodextrins may contain gm fragments, unless the product is certified organic by the FDA.

Diabetic’s maltodextrin’s glycemic index is considered to be metabolically equivalent to glucose (dextrose). In other words it is equivalent to sugar but not as sweet. Why is it used? The finished product is much more easily digestible, is a convenient source of energy, contains approximately 4 calories per gram, is cold-water soluble, has low or no sweetness, and also helps in producing many liquid and dried nutritional products.

Maltodextrin is basically glucose without the sugar that comes with other forms of things that have glucose reacting properties.

Most brands of soymilk contain maltodextrins. Even many well known health food soymilk brands also contain them as well. The higher the DE, the greater the extent of starch depolymerization, resulting in a smaller average polymer size. Maltodextrins are excellent solids builders for standard and low-fat products. They are effective spray-drying aids for flavors, fruit juices, and other hard-to-dry products. They also are easily digestible carbohydrates for nutritional beverages. Maltodextrin found in supplements are used for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons being a sweetener and another reason is for carbohydrate powder and mass gainer products.

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