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Stock Products vs Custom Formulations: Picking the Right Private Label Path

It’s a hot summer day, and it’s time for an ice-cold beer. The big question…….do you go for that standard domestic, or are you craving something bolder and more complex like that micro-brew? One is basic, and you know exactly what you’re getting. The other is a little bit of a mystery but may blow your socks off and become your new favorite!

Just like backyard refreshment, it’s nice to have options when it comes to your vitamin supplement line.  But in a world flooded with “basic” vitamins and supplements, wouldn’t it be better to blow peoples’ socks off?  It’s not as hard as you might think.  Here’s a quick five minute summary to help you get started……..

The Stock Private Label Option:

A stock formulation is a product that is already formulated and, in most cases, it may also be bottled.  It’s just sitting on the shelf of a manufacturer waiting for a label so that it can be shipped.  And while that may have been an easy way to start a supplement line 20 years ago, times have changed.  Nowadays it’s almost impossible to break through in a crowded market unless you differentiate your product.  So, while a stock formulation might be a short-term option if you’re just trying to fill gaps in an already established product line, the reality is that you no longer need to settle.  Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of companies who wanted to have the speed and low cost-of-entry of private label, but in a custom product format.  It wasn’t easy, but after years of building and refining our processes, we’ve been able to do just that.  Read on!

Custom Supplement Formulations Rule in a Competitive Market:

The dietary supplement world is highly competitive.  That’s why customization capabilities in formulation, flavoring and packaging design are all so critical.  And finding a partner who has all three of these competencies in one place is not easy.  

If you go down the customization route, consider every facet of your product. For instance, there are a lot of chocolate and vanilla protein powders on the market.  Sometimes just creating a unique flavor is a simple way to customize.  In many instances, you can even take an existing flavor and put a twist on it for a big boost in sales.  You see this trick from the big food companies all of the time.  As an example, take a standard chocolate flavor and twist it to chocolate caramel.  It’s not a huge change from a formulation standpoint, but sometimes it’s all you need to stand out.

Packaging is another area where you can add a level of customization.  Especially in a category where a lot of the packaging looks the same.  Similar bottle shapes, similar colors, similar visual elements.   Here is some interesting research about color that may inspire some strategies to grab your customer’s attention.

Finally, customized formulation is also a really great way to target your customer. Look at your competition, identify opportunities to offer more, think about how your customer measures value. In a category where it’s all about function and performance, being the first to use a new ingredient……or the first to use it in efficacious doses, can cause a brand’s awareness to explode.  That’s because the high-enthusiast “influencer” consumers are typically the ones who know the most about ingredients and can drive word-of-mouth about your brand.

Why Settle for Stock Formulations When We Can Make Custom Just as Easy:

Just like our backyard cooler during the hot summer heat, having a few different options at your disposal is always a good thing.  But just know that you no longer have to limit yourself because of timing or budget.  At Nutracap Labs, we can make vitamin supplement custom manufacturing this easy:

  1. 144 piece minimum order quantity.  Low minimum orders will reduce the amount of money (and risk) you have tied up in a new item launch.
  2. Fast turnaround time.  Because we partner with you on the formulation and design, there are no “surprises” when it comes time to produce.  In just five weeks from the time we receive your printed labels, you’re in business.
  3. Inhouse design and sample production.  We can produce pre-market samples which gives our branded customers the ability to create media content and start showing the product to retail buyers before they’ve created a full production run!

There you go……. no barriers, no big hurdles.  If you’ve been thinking about a custom formulation protein powder or supplement or you’re trying to figure out how to launch a brand in the dietary supplement industry quickly, let us know – Nutracap Labs can help you with both!


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