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Origin: Dried and pulverized convolvulus pluricaulis

Also Known As: Aloe weed

Overview: Shankhpushpi extract is an herbal medicine that is considered as a rasayana in Ayurvedic medicine, It is mainly advocated for use in mental stimulation and rejuvenation therapy. It is known for being a powerful brain and nerve tonic and is regularly used to improve memory, alleviate stress, support sleep, and clear heat from the body.

The ethanolic extract of the plant reduces total serum cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids and non-esterified fatty-acid. Shankhpushpi is used traditionally to treat nervous debility, insomnia, fatigue, and low energy level.

Suggested Uses:

  • Promoting intellectual capacity
  • Supporting brain health
  • Supporting memory

Common Dosage: 1 gram per serving

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