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Origin: Flower of the red clover flower (Trifolium pratense)

Also Known As: red clover, cow clover, meadow clover, wild clover

Overview: Red Clover Extract is derived from the blossoms of the plant Triflolium pratense or red clover. They contain isoflavones, phytoestrogen compounds that aid in managing menopause symptoms, cardiovascular health, and osteoporosis.

This extract is commonly used for indigestion, high cholesterol, asthma, increasing testosterone and is also used for flavoring in some foods and beverages. Red Clover Extract is also used to help strengthen weak bones, as well as helping the body with detoxification.  Red clover is also a source of many valuable nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C.

Additionally, red clover contains small amounts of chemicals known as coumarins, which may help keep the blood from becoming thick and gummy. Therefore, the possibility of forming blood clots and arterial plaques may be reduced. Plaques are accumulations of blood cells, fats, and other substances that may build up in blood vessels, possibly reducing or blocking blood flow. Red clover may also help the arteries remain strong and flexible (a quality often called ‘arterial compliance’), which may also help to prevent some of the plaque deposits that may lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Common Dosage: 40-80 mg per day

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