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Pea Protein is for the Vegetarian.


Numerous nutrition experts have come to the conclusion that pea protein is one of the most perfect proteins designed for human consuption. This protein comes with health benefits that surpass both animal and other vegetable proteins on the market. Pea protein has been found to be amongst the most highly digestible sources of protein available on the market. Many Studies have found it to be between 90 and 97 percent on the scale of digestion.  As far as protein supplements available on the market, pea protein has also been shown to produce the least amount allergic reactions in humans. Other protein supplements such as Whey, Egg, and Soy all produce allergic reactions in part of the population and their potential for allergic reactions increases with repeated use of the particular product. However when it comes to pea protein powder, this is produced in a very beneficial way. The result is that it does not produce stomach discomfort because it lacks the complex plant sugars found within whole peas.

Pea protein is one protein available that contains what some would consider the ideal combination of essential amino acids for enhancing sports performance as well as muscle building recovery and promotes muscle tissue regeneration within the human body. The branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine which are all present in pea protein help maintain your tissues during heavy exercise or cardio activity. The glutamine and lysine that is found in pea protein helps balance nitrogen levels within your muscle tissue. Pea protein has also been show to mix remarkably well with liquids and has a smooth along with a mildly sweet taste.  Most protein powder users would say that they enjoy the taste and texture associated with this particular protein.

Scientific studies have proved how crucial protein is to overall health. This particular nutrient is even more important for athletes who perform strenuous physical activities and rigorous exercise. Sufficient amounts of protein provide fuel during exercise as well as enable efficient healing and recovery of muscle tissues that get damaged during intense physical exercise. Pea protein powder contains easily an absorbable form of this nutrient making it an ideal source for those who would like to ensure optimum health. Pea protein powder of course comes from plant sources. This means that it does not contain harmful fats like that are found in animal protein sources. Additionally, organic rice or pea protein powder provides vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, as well as B vitamins which are crucial for efficient cell metabolism. Lastly, organic rice or pea protein powder is non-dairy making it an ideal protein source for individuals who are suffering from lactose intolerance. All these healthful goodness minus the dangers of getting exposed to genetically modified organisms and petrochemicals because the rice and peas used to make this protein powder have been grown organically.

Here at NutraCap Labs we offer organic pea protein as one of our premium ingredients. Let our experts work with you to help create your next product for your line using this premium ingredient. To get the process started visit us online at


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