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Microlactin For Joint Relief


Microlactin is one of those ingredients that is rarely talked about but has a wide variety of health benefits. The active ingredients found in Microlactin are concentrated proteins from milk. These are proteins that are naturally found in cow’s milk and are filled with unique micronutrients that are bio actively available. Microlactin works by making the tight junctions of the blood vessels in the human body even tighter. When this is done it in turn reduces the emigration of neutrophils to the site of places where inflammation may be occurring. As a result of this process the cycle of inflammation and pain is slowed down leaving the individual with better feeling joints, quicker joint recovery, and increased flexibility with the joints.

Microlactin Powder is obtained from lactating cows that have been given immune stimulants. This ingredient contains large amounts of antibodies that appear to have several health benefits like boosting the immune system and reducing symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. Microlactin also contains protein that helps in rebuilding damaged cartilage tissues. Microlactin is also show to be 90 percent lactose-free, making it appropriate for people who are lactose intolerant or cannot ingest dairy products without getting stomach pain or nausea.

Microlactin has shown to improve joint health over a period of just one to two weeks of usage. There are many people who say they even see results within the first few days of usage. Microlactin has also been studied with heavy research showing that it benefits your overall health in more than one way. In many studies Microlactin has been noted to reduce blood pressure in people suffering from hyperlipidemia. Another study shoes that people with symptoms of osteoarthritis have seen improved functionality and that Microlactin was very comparable to Glucosamine sulfate. There was also shown that Microlactin reduced LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and total cholesterol and there were no significant influences on HDL-C (Good Cholesterol). Microlactin also has the IgG bioactive peptide that has been noted to help resist acid hydrolysis in the stomach during digestion.

As an athlete there are also many advantages to using the Microlactin ingredient for outside supplementation. With the heavy strenuous activities athletes put on their bodies daily recovery is a key factor in the process of staying healthy. Therefore keeping your body in optimal health is key with things such as joint health (for runners or athletes) as well as recovery (bodybuilders or physique athletes). This supplement is indeed a revolutionary answer to joint pain and inflammation. If glucosamine supplements do not work for you, then Microlactin might be the perfect ingredient you are looking for.

Here at NutraCap Labs we offer Microlactin as one of our premium ingredients. Let us help you formulate your next product for your line using this amazing ingredient. To get the process started visit us online at


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