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L Arginine The Forgotten Amino Acid


While most people don’t realize the benefits of l-arginine, it might be the key to improving an individual’s overall health, especially cardiovascular health and with more than 80 million Americans suffering from some form of cardiovascular disease, it’s surprising l-arginine doesn’t get more attention. L-arginine is primarily used to help support cardiovascular health, but offers significant benefits in many other ways. L-arginine helps support healthy blood pressure – As people take l-arginine, it gets converted in the body to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a key molecule that opens and expands the blood vessels to improve blood flow. That process reduces blood pressure and puts less strain on the heart.

L-arginine helps support health cholesterol levels – By expanding the blood vessels, l-arginine helps cholesterol to pass through and be eliminated by the body easier. L-arginine helps support muscle development – As l-arginine gets converted into nitric oxide, the process helps increase oxygen and nutrients delivery to the muscles. With more oxygen and nutrients, you’re able to workout for a longer period of time without getting fatigued. By increasing your exercise output, you’ll be able to increase your ability to build muscle. L-arginine supports healthy energy levels – As l-arginine works to expand the blood vessels, those taking it notice they feel more energized because oxygen is reaching where it is needed at a higher rate. L-arginine supports the immune system – l-arginine is a key amino acid for immune support because it improves blood flow to enable white blood cells and other key nutrients to get where they are needed more efficiently.

The body uses l-arginine to create nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter that signals the blood vessels to relax. As the body produces more nitric oxide and relaxes the blood vessels, it helps put less stress on the heart. This process supports overall heart health and your overall health. L-arginine also works with the amino acid l-citrulline to further increase the body’s nitric oxide production. The body changes l-citrulline into l-arginine, which can then be used to create additional nitric oxide within the body.

While the body naturally uses the l-arginine you eat in your diet to increase nitric oxide, production slows as we age. As the body produces less and less nitric oxide, blood pressure rises, cholesterol levels become less healthy and we age faster. As our nitric oxide levels drop so does energy, muscle development and your immune system becomes weaker. By supplementing your diet with enough l-arginine, users can slow the aging process and feel healthier and stronger longer. Studies indicate taking anywhere from 4 to 6 grams of l-arginine has the ability to improve your health by increasing your nitric oxide levels.

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