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Huperzine-A 1%

Huperzine-A 1%

Also Known As: Derived from Huperzia serrata (Chinese club moss)

Overview: Huperzine A is a naturally occurring sesquiterpene alkaloid compound found in the firmoss Huperzia serrata (Chinese club moss) and in varying quantities in other Huperzia species, including H. elmeri, H. carinat, and H. aqualupian.

It has the ability to increase acetylcholine levels in the body which helps with memory problems, dementia, and myasthenia gravis.

Common Dosage: The common dosage for Huperzine-A 1% depends on the intended use. For Alzheimer’s patients, the suggested dose is 0.4 mg twice per day. Meanwhile for memory improvement, the common dose is 0.1 mg.


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