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Origin: Produced by the condensation of 2-formylbenzenesulfonic acid and the appropriate aniline followed by oxidation.

Also Known As:  

Acid Blue 9

D&C Blue No. 4

Alzen Food Blue No. 1

Atracid Blue FG

Blue #1 Lake


Eriosky blue

Patent Blue AR

Xylene Blue VSG

C.I. 42090, Basacid Blue 755, Sulfacid Brilliant

Blue 5 J, Neolan Blue E-A

Brilliant Blue FD

Overview: F,D &C Blue or Brilliant Blue FCF is a synthetic organic compound primarily used as a blue colorant for processed foods, medications, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. It has the appearance of a blue powder and is soluble in water and glycerol.  It is one of the oldest FDA-approved color additives and is generally considered nontoxic and safe.

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