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Origin: A flavone found in honey, propolis, the passion flowers, Passiflora caerulea and Passiflora incarnata, and in Oroxylum indicum.

Also Known As: 



Galangin flavanone

Overview: Cyclo-Chrysin belongs to a class of chemicals called flavonoids. Chrysin is not being used for bodybuilding because laboratory research suggested that Chrysin might increase the male hormone called testosterone and improve bodybuilding results. Chrysin is also used for treating anxiety, inflammation, erectile dysfunction, and preventing cancer.

Its mechanism of action involves limiting fat molecule damage which prevents cellular membrane damage, protein damage, and the imbalance of cellular function.

Suggested Uses:

  • Inhibiting tumor growth and killing various types of cancer cells including breast, cervical, colon, brain, blood, liver, lung, pancreatic, prostate, and thyroid.
  • Reducing brain cell damage
  • Treating depression and anxiety
  • Improving male fertility by increasing testosterone production, sperm movement, and sperm concentration
  • Protecting against diabetes-associated complications
  • Normalizing glucose and insulin levels
  • Inhibiting heart cell death
  • Suppressing oxidative stress and reducing inflammation which prevents arterial swelling, plaque build-up, or cell damage
  • Reducing inflammation of the liver
  • Preventing DNA damage in kidney cells
  • Reducing allergic inflammation in airways

Common Dosage: 350 to 400 mg


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