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Agmatine Sulfate


Agmatine Sulfate is a biogenic amine that is derived from the amino acid L-Arginine. This happens by a process called decarboxylation, which is better known as the removal of carboxylic acid group from the amino acid. This results in the compound Agmatine Sulfate which appears to be stored within the neurons of the brain and is released as these neurons become activated. This is a very interesting process and mechanism of storage which has actions and activities that are very different from its predecessor.

This is a promising ingredient in terms of neuropathic pain, stroke protection as well as general cognitive health and a novel neurotransmitter.

The method of action primarily taken by Agmatine Sulfate is by crossing the blood-brain barrier and entering the central nervous system and then binding to the glutamine receptors. Since this is the chief neurotransmitter involved in plasticity and memory function this is what is responsible for a number of the associated cognitive benefits of this ingredient.

Agmatine Sulfate also appears to regulate levels of nitric oxide and also has some analgesic activities, releasing a number of opioid and endorphin chemicals, seeming to have a synergistic effect on many of these chemicals. It is also capable of enhancing the effects of both morphine and fentanyl to increase killing pain, reducing tolerance, and lower addiction habits.

There are a number of benefits associated with Agmatine Sulfate. It seems to do many of the same things Arginine but a greater rate of potency. It has a decidedly nootropic effect and can help people achieve a mental edge, whether in or out of the gym or athletic training.

Agmatine Sulfate supports a healthy mood, has anti-anxiety properties and may also stack well with other supplements such as Aniracetam and other Ampakines. It also acts as an anti-oxidant. Part of these benefits is due to the fact that it helps limit the activity of glutamate and thus, over excitation of the brain. Agmatine Sulfate also prevent s excitotoxicity which can occur when using things like modafinil or other similar nootropic supplements.

There are also a number of athletic effects. This includes enhancing and improving insulin response of the body. This has long been thought to be one of the biggest keys to builder a leaner, harder, and more muscular body.

Agmatine Sulfate has also been said to increase the stimulation of GH and LH hormones which can have a positive effects upon the overall body composition. Due to the regulation of nitric oxide levels in the body, Agmatine Sulfate may also lead to better muscle pumps in weight training athletes.

There are a large number of benefits associated with Agmatine Sulfate. Visit our website to find out how you can turn Agmatine Sulfate into your next profitable product.


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